Switches of loading of the VNA 10/630 20 UZ

ВНА 10/630

Load Switches are designed to enable and disable the load circuit sections alternating current three-phase power frequency of 50 Hz, rated voltage up to 10 kV, as well as the disconnected ground stations using the grounding.
Switches are designed (in conjunction with the drive) for use in closets complete switchgear (KRU), chambers national teams of unilateral service (CSR), cabinets of complete transformer substations (CTS) and other electrical devices for indoor installation at voltages of up to 10 kW three-phase alternating current frequency of 50 Hz for systems with grounded and insulated neutral.


Standard standard performance WPSA 10/630 -20 V3 produced in our factory consists of a load switch BHA 10/630 -20 V3, earthing LA-10 V3 (see. Photo below) and locking adjustable axis.


Attention! Additional frame (see. Photo below) to install it VNA-10 / 630-20 U3, earthing LA-10 V3 and / or supporting the middle column is made only on request and in the standard performance standard WPSA not included!


Attention! With each order individually negotiated Packaging Option circuit breakers. Please coordinate this matter with the manager.
Packaging Option VNA-10 / 630-20 V3 for transport:
(Metal frame 700h610h515mm)

We develop, manufacture and supply the load switches to suit all customer requirements.

Technical data of circuit breakers VNA-10 / 630-20 V3:

Rated voltage, kV 10
Maximum working voltage, kV 12
Rated current 630 A
Rated breaking current at cos φ = 0,7, A 630
Rated current of electrodynamic resistance, kA 50
Withstand current for 1 s, kA 20
Mechanical life cycles

“Inclusion – an arbitrary break – off” in 2000

The initial value of the periodic current

component of the inrush current, kA 20

The highest peak of the inrush current, kA 41
Switching durability

“Inclusion – an arbitrary break – off”:

– At rated current 630 A 30 *

– At rated current 400 A 30 *

– At rated current 300 A 100 *

* No replacement interrupters.

Proper on time, with no more than 0.15
The allowable number of cycles without revision

for different modes of operation:

2) Turn on and off the rated current at cosφ = 0,3 10

4) Enable or disable the battery cable current of at least 10 A,

off operation is to take place after a full

attenuation of the transient component 10

5) enable operation at maximum operating voltage

(12 kV) and short-circuit current 20 kA (amplitude of 41 kA) ** 2

6) Operation disable charging current by grounding cable

one phase load side 10

7) Operation disable charging current by grounding cable

one of the phases from the power source 10

8) current on and off idling a transformer (10 A) 20

** After performing operations on n. 5 switch audit conducted

the replacement of arc chutes.

Electric strength test voltage

power frequency, effective value, 42 kV

Impulse voltage amplitude of the full pulse 75 kV
Weight (version with one group of Earthing. Knives), 32 kg

Load break switches are manufactured in accordance with TU U 31.2-34975929-001: 2010 and GOST 17717.

Attention! The manufacturer is constantly working to improve the design and technology of manufacturing VNA-10/630 -20 U3 and reserves the right to make changes in design, without impairing the technical characteristics, and do not affect the installation and operation conditions.