Disconnectors internal series installation EEO -6 (10), RVF (Z) -6 (10)

Isolator is an electrical device designed to create a visible gap in the three-phase electrical circuits, AC 50 Hz voltage of 6 kV and 10 kV in the absence of load current in the line.


The table shows the main parameters of the isolators, which are produced in our company.

A – standard performance for the constructive position of earthing:
I – earthing switches located on the side of detachable contacts;
II – by the pivot contacts;
III – on both sides.
B – standard performance for the constructive position of bushings:
II – with the grommet from the hinge contacts;
III – with grommet from the split contacts;
IV – with bushings on both sides.


We develop, manufacture and supply isolators to suit all customer requirements
The following table contains the transcript of disconnectors names in the examples:

The following table provides a detailed description of the symbol PB disconnectors (H) 6 (10), RVF (H) 6 (10):

The disconnectors meet the requirements of GOST 689-90 and TU U 31.2-34975929-002: 2007
Attention! The manufacturer is constantly working on improving the design and manufacturing technology PB (H) 6 (10), RVF (H) 6 (10), and reserves the right to make changes in the design of disconnectors, without impairing the technical characteristics, as well as not affecting on the installation and operation conditions.