Horizontal-rotary disconnector.

Disconnectors are designed to enable and disable de-energized sections of electrical circuits that are energized, as well as to ground the disconnected sections using earthing switches.

Disconnectors are also used to disconnect the no-load currents of transformers and charging currents of overhead and cable lines.

Disconnectors are two-column apparatuses with rotating knives in the horizontal plane. Disconnectors consist of the main current-carrying system, supporting and turning insulation, a supporting frame and grounding conductors.


Product description

The main advantages of the RSB disconnect switch over the RDZ disconnector.

Reliable contact system
Performance in icing conditions
Minimum maintenance and installation costs
A distinctive feature of the RSE, in the modified design of the main knives. The contacts of the main knives and grounding blades of the RGP are made of bronze alloy and have a special configuration that provides uniform pressure and high-quality electrical contact, enabling flawless operation during the entire service life of the disconnector.

Steel supporting structures of disconnectors have a resistant anti-corrosion coating of hot zinc.

The contact system is protected by silver and tin coating.

Hinges and shafts are made of materials that provide less effort when driving due to the low coefficient of friction.

In the bases of the pole columns, maintenance-free bearing units are used to ensure the reliability of the rotary assemblies of the contact system. Contact connections of the main knives are equipped with anti-icing covers.

Simplicity and ease of installation of the device (connecting elements between the poles and the disconnector and the drive, do not require welding), which makes it possible to save the customer and the installation company time and money.

During the entire period of operation, no additional adjustment of the contact pressing is required. One of the columns of the apparatus is made stationary, which allows to reduce the number of kinematic connections and increases the reliability of the installation. The contacts work well in extreme weather conditions with the thickness of the ice crust up to 20 mm (RDZ disconnectors allowed operating with ice up to 10 mm).

Disconnectors are equipped with polymer or high-strength porcelain insulators. Their degree of contamination can be from І-ІV according to GOST 9920-89.

The RGP disconnectors are controlled by manual drives PR-05-2B UHL1, PR-07-2B UHL1 (equipped with electro and electromagnetic interlocks).

By the separate order it can be completed with motive drives.


RGP-1 (2) -35/1000 UHL1 – P – disconnector, G – horizontally rotary, 1 (2) – the number of grounding, 35 – rated voltage, polymer insulators, 1000 – rated current, U; UHL – climatic modification, 1 – placement category in accordance with GOST 15150.

Contents of delivery:

RG-35 is made in three (two and one) pole versions. Completeness of delivery is fully consistent with the instruction manual (passport, instruction manual). By the additional order it can be completed with a metal construction – the general frame without racks, or the general frame with racks.