Disconnectors of the RDZ series for a voltage of 35 kV are intended for switching on and off de-energized sections of the high-voltage circuit, as well as earthing of the disconnected sections using grounding conductors.

Product description


Disconnectors RDZ series are made of separate poles that can be used in monopolar, bipolar, tripolar Fitting embodiments (disconnectors 35,110,220 kV) and in unipolar and tripolar embodiments Set (disconnectors 150 kV) in a horizontal plane and three-pole embodiment (disconnector AGB-110-SC) . Disconnectors for a voltage class of 35 and 110 kV for a rated current of 1000 A allow installation on a vertical plane.

The disconnector pole is made in the form of a two-column apparatus with a turn of the main knives in the horizontal plane and consists of a base, insulating columns, current-carrying system and a grounding device.

The 1000 A contact switch knives are made of two copper parallel tires mounted “on the edge”, one end of which is connected to the contact output by flexible connections, and a plug contact is formed on the other.

The disconnector contact blades for 2000 and 3150 A consist of two 1000 A contact blades. The grounding device of the disconnector includes earthing switches permanently mounted on the disconnector base and a fixed contact mounted on the main contact blade.

The main parts of the disconnector, made of ferrous metals, have resistant corrosion-resistant, weather-resistant coatings: powder enamel, hot or galvanic zinc.


Disconnectors of the RDZ series are driven by manual drives PR-05 (07) -2B UHL1 and it is also possible to complete the PD with motor drives. Manual and motor drives have electromagnetic and mechanical interlocks between the main and grounding blades.


РД3 2-35 I / 1000 УХЛ1- Р – disconnector; D – bipolar; H – the presence of grounding; 2 (1) – the number of earthing; 35 – rated voltage, kV; I (II) – insulation performance; 1000 (2000; 3150) – rated current, A;


Disconnectors are manufactured in climatic version UHL, placement category 1 according to GOST 15150-69 and GOST 15543-89, with:

height above sea level no more than 1000 m;

upper working value of ambient air temperature + 40 ° С;

lower working value of ambient air temperature minus 60 ° С;

wind speed no more than 40 m / s in the absence of ice and no more than 15 m / s in ice conditions no more than 10 mm thick.

The isolation category is “I” or “II”.