Разъединители наружной установки РЛНД 400/630 А

LSOTC 400/630 A

LSOTC 400/630 disconnectors are intended:

– to create a visible break in the electrical circuit in order to ensure the safe maintenance of electrical equipment;

– to enable and disable under voltage the de-energized sections of the high voltage circuit;

– grounding disconnected areas using stationary earthing;

– to turn off and turn on the no-load current of transformers.

Product description

Disconnectors Outdoor LSOCT series 10/400 (630) U1


Disconnecting LSOTC 10/400 (630) U1 are:

– To create a visible break the electrical circuit to ensure safe maintenance of electrical equipment;

– To enable or disable energized de-energized parts of the high voltage circuit;

– Grounding of disconnected sites by using fixed earthing;

– For opening and closing load current transformers.


When ordering, please note the following information:

The following types of disconnectors RLND (s) 10/400 (630) on the U1 terminal of the structure:

the movable output on the rotary column – a flexible coupling;
a fixed terminal.

As agreed with the customer prior to shipment disconnectors are packed and placed on pallets 1200h1600mm:

rlnd9 rlnd10

rlnd11 rlnd12

Technical parameters RLND isolator (s) 10/400 (630) U1:

1. Rated voltage, kV 10

2. Maximum operating voltage 12 kV

3. Rated current 400 A (630)

4. Rated impulse withstand current kA 20 (25)

5. Withstanding thermal current, kA 10 (12.5)

6. The time course of the current thermal stability, with:

– For the main blades 3

– Grounding knives 1

7. Mounted on the mechanical strength of the resource,

cycles IN 10000

8. creepage distance for external insulation degree

contamination I / II, see, for at least 22/30

9. Permissible tension wires applied to

stationary insulators, N, not more than 200

10. Operating conditions:

– Height above sea level, m, not more than 1,000

– Ambient air temperature, ° C from -45 to +40

– Wind speed on icy, m / s, not more than 15

– Wind speed in the absence of ice, m / s, not more than 40

– The thickness of the ice cover to mm 10

– Safety requirements according to GOST

Symbol disconnectors RLND (s) 10/400 (630) U1:

RLND – isolator line outdoor, dvuhkolonkovy;
h – with grounding knives;
10 – Rated voltage, kV;
400 (630) – rated current, A;
U1 – climatic modification and placement category according to GOST 15150-69.

Disconnecting RLND series (s) 10/400 (630) U1 manufactured in accordance with GOST 689-90.

Attention! The manufacturer is constantly working on improving the design and manufacturing technology RLND (s) 10/400 (630) U1 and reserves the right to make changes in the design of disconnectors, without impairing the technical characteristics, and do not affect the installation and operation conditions.