Привод ПРН(з)-10 У1

The PRN (g) -10 U1 series drives are intended for operating the main and grounding knives of the RLND (h) series disconnectors for a voltage of 10 kV.


Product description

Drives outdoor installation PRN (g) -10 U1

The PRN (s) -10 U1 series drives are designed for operating the main and grounding knives of the RLND (h) series disconnectors for a voltage of 10 kV.

The structure of the symbol PRN (s) -10 U1:

P – drive;
Р – manual;
H – outdoor installation;
H – the presence of shafts to control the grounding knives;
10 – rated voltage, kV;
U1 – climatic modification and placement category according to GOST 15150-69.

Terms of Use:

Altitude above sea level is not more than 1000 m. Ambient air temperature is from minus 45 to 40 ° С for type U1 actuators. Relative air humidity up to 100% at a temperature of 25 ° C. The environment is non-explosive, the content of corrosive agents corresponds to type II atmosphere according to GOST 15150-69. Safety requirements in accordance with GOST and GOST Drives meet the requirements of GOST 689-90.


Nominal torque at the output shafts, N · m – 100 Angle of rotation of the output shafts, degree – 90 Installed time between failures, VO cycles, no less – 3000.

Design and principle of operation:

The actuators consist of a housing, output shafts and latches. There are mounting holes in the enclosures. Disks are welded to the output shafts, on which the plates are attached, which are used for operating the drive, and the plates, to which the connecting pipes of the drive with the disconnector are welded at the installation site. The drives provide for fixing the extreme positions of the handle and locking the shafts with a padlock in the on and off positions of the disconnector.

Attention! The manufacturer is constantly working to improve the design and manufacturing technology of the PRN (s) -10 U1 drive and reserves the right to make changes in the drive design that do not impair the technical characteristics and also do not affect the installation and operating conditions.