Ручные (ПР-05, ПР-06, ПР-07)

The drives of the series PR-05; 06; 07-2B UHL 1 are designed for operating the main and grounding knives of the disconnectors of the RGP, RDZ series for a voltage of 35-110 kV.


Product description

Drive manual lever type PR-XX-2B U (UHL) 1

The manual lever drive type PR-05-2B UHL1, PR-06-2BUHL1 and PR-07-2B UHL1 is designed for operating the main and grounding knives (ZN) of external disconnectors for a voltage of 35, 110kV.

Symbol structure

PR-05-2B UHL1, PR-06-2BUHL1 and PR-07-2B UHL1:
P – drive;
Р – manual;
ХХ – versions of versions 05/06/07:
• 05 – for disconnectors with two shafts;
• 06 and 07 – for disconnectors isp. 1 “a” / 1 “b” – with one shaft ZN, at the location;
2 – modification;
B – block execution;
U (UHL) 1 – climatic modification and category of placement in accordance with GOST 15150-69.

Terms of Use:

Altitude above sea level is not more than 1000 m. Ambient temperature is from minus 60 to 40 ° С. Safety requirements in accordance with GOST Drives correspond to GOST 689-90.


Angle of rotation of the drive lever, hail – 90;
The angle of rotation of the plate internal rack, hail – 90;
Nominal torque on the output shaft, Nm, not more than —370;
The greatest force applied to the drive with the length of the handle of the operation together with the extension is not more than 1.5 m, N, not more than – 245;
Rated voltage of electromagnetic interlocking circuits, V – 220V;
Installed time to failure, VO cycles, at least – 2000;
Drive mass, kg – no more than 8;

Design features:

The drive consists of two or three disconnector control devices assembled in a block on a bearing corner, equipped with removable covers and a camera with IP55 protection class GOST 14254-96, which provides protection from the effects of precipitation and mechanical damage: block-locks, as well as switching contacts external auxiliary circuits (KSAM). On a fixed bottom there are two cable glands. Operation handles are blocked from improper operations between the main and ground knives.
The main mechanisms and drive assemblies: output shaft assemblies, switching mechanisms of the switching contacts of external auxiliary circuits (MBSs), MBG locking mechanisms (Ginodman’s ZB-1 lock block).
The output shaft assembly consists of a flange mounted on a plate with anti-friction sleeves pressed into it, which do not require lubrication during the entire period of operation, and an output shaft with an operating lever.
The switching mechanism consists of a lever mounted on the free end of the output shaft, and a lever mounted on the XAM shaft.
The locking mechanism consists of a retainer located in the flange cup, a spring, a flange and a rod associated with the retainer, as well as a ring, a stem of the ZB-1M block-lock (or MBG) and an output shaft lever.
In the adjustment and emergency modes, it is possible to unlock the electromagnetic lock with a mechanical key. The key is installed in the threaded hole M6 (left-hand thread) at the end of the stem of the block-lock. It is possible to fix the stem of the block-lock in the released position by turning it clockwise (counter-clockwise) against the stop using the key of the key KEZ-1M or the key of mechanical release.
When operating, it is recommended to use an extension from a 32×3.2 pipe about 1 m long to control the main blades and 0.4 m for ground blades. By removing the actuator from the end position, the latch ring can be released. Rotate the drive shaft by 90, while the lever of the switching mechanism of the switching contacts of the external auxiliary circuits rotates together with the shaft and rotates the shaft of the switching contacts of the external auxiliary circuits by 120 °.
The spring-loaded retainer enters the hole in the lever and locks the drive in the extreme position. Locking rod locks the lock.


Designation of performance

Design performance
Angle of rotation of the shaft, deg. Number and location of shafts for grounding knives (operator side) Lock type Number of contacts GREP
main grounding main shaft grounding







one to the right and one to the left of the main shaft



    12           4






one to the left of the main shaft  












one to the right of the main shaft     ZB-1M  




Order Formulation:

The order must include: name and type of drive.
Examples of recording the designation of a block-type drive with rotation angles of 90 °, with the presence of a blockage of type ZB-1M and the number of switching contacts of external auxiliary circuits: 12 for the main shaft, 4 for the shaft of the grounding knives when it is ordered:
“Drive PR-05-2BUHL1”


– the degree of protection of the shell IP55 against dust and water;
– the presence of a mechanical interlock – mounted on the drive, which additionally eliminates possible operator errors;
– the drive is mounted on a common power angle, which increases the load-carrying capacity of the drive and reliability during on / off operations.

Attention! The manufacturer is constantly working to improve the design and manufacturing technology of drives PR-05-2B UHL1, PR-06-2BUHL1 and PR-07-2B UHL1 and reserves the right to make changes to the design of the drive that do not degrade the technical characteristics and also not affecting the installation and operation conditions.