Кабель Solar

(Русский) Одножильный медный кабель Solar для фотогальванических электрических установок в безгалогенной двойной оболочке, используется для подключения солнечных батарей и соединения фотомодулей в массивы. Изоляция данного кабеля самозатухающая и озоностойкая.


Product description

Solar cable

Solar single-core copper cable for photovoltaic electrical installations in a halogen-free double sheath, used to connect solar panels and connect photo modules to arrays. The insulation of this cable is self-extinguishing and ozone resistant.

Unlike standard household wires, the Solar cable has a special two-layer insulation, which provides protection from all types of environmental influences (snow, rain, temperature changes, ultraviolet radiation).

The use of Solar cable allows you to avoid possible problems in the operation of photovoltaic stations and systems.

The Solar cable of Ukrainian production meets all modern requirements for solar thermal systems in accordance with the following standards: DSTU 4809: 2007, clause 4.1; DSTU 4743: 2007, paragraphs,,

Rated voltage 0.6 / 1 kV – 0.9 / 1 kV
Test voltage 6,5 kV
Working temperature -40 – +50 C°
Maximum conductor temperature +90C° (до 20 000 hours)
Minimum bend radius 5 х cable diameter (fixed installation)
Section, mm2 4-6
Insulation thickness 1st / 2nd, mm2 1,12/1,35
Maximum electrical resistance at 20 ° C, Ω / km 5,09