Actuator a manual lever type PR-10 V2

Drive a manual lever type PR-10 V2 is designed to enable and disable the load disconnect switch or circuit breaker for voltage up to 10 kV, under normal and emergency modes, latching in the on and off position and lock these positions or only in the open position.

Symbol structure:

OL X-10 V2:
U – drive;
P – lever;
X – a designation meaningful choices: DB – drive with the ability to lock in two positions; IN – drive can be locked only in the open position;
10 – Rated voltage, kV;
U2 – climatic modification and placement category according to GOST 15150-69.

In consultation with the client drives can be fitted with forks

Drive a manual lever type PR-10 V2, made to order *:


Terms of Use:

Altitude 1000 m. Ambient temperature from -45 to 40 ° C. Safety requirements GOST The drive complies with GOST 689-90.


The angle of rotation of the actuator arm, hail – 150;
The rotation angle of internal plate rack, degree – 90;
Static force on the actuator lever when operating the load circuit breaker or disconnecting switch, N, not more than – 250;
Actuator weight, kg – 2.3;
Mechanical durability drive to overhaul operations (B-TA-D) – no less than 5,000.

Attention! The manufacturer is constantly working to improve the design and manufacture of drive technology PR-10 V2 and reserves the right to change the design of the drive, do not adversely affect the specifications, nor does it affect the installation and operation conditions.