Metal laser cutting

The enterprise Elektrozashchita PP Ltd. has the ability to provide services for laser cutting of sheet metal, ensuring the quality and efficiency of work performed.

лазерная резка

    • The maximum thickness of the processed metal – to 16 mm
    • Dimensions of the processed material – 3000х1500 mm

To place an order you need:

    • Call the manager of our company +380966573151, +380662710755
    • Send by email Mail: task file (The task file must meet the specific requirements presented below).
    • Write the number of parts for each drawing and material.
    • Indicate – Own or subcontracting material.
    • Write your name and contact phone number for details.

Drawings and requirements for them

For accuracy, speed of miscalculation of the order and elimination of errors, the TOR (technical task) must meet the requirements below:

  • File format: * .dxf.
  • Contour details at a scale of 1: 1.
  • The * .dxf file should not contain splines, overlapping and intersecting contours, contour breaks, part contours should consist of simple elements: a segment, an arc, a circle.
  • On one of the contour elements must be affixed control size.
  • The sweep should be a contour of the part without fold lines, text, dimensions except for the control.
  • The job file prepared without taking into account these requirements may not be accepted for work, or the time for the calculation of the order may be significantly increased.

Why laser laser cutting?

In the current realities, due to the presence of tough competition, it is very important that cutting materials be carried out qualitatively, with sufficient productivity and minimal waste. Laser cutting of metal, without any doubt, corresponds to all the parameters listed above without exception.

Cutting accuracy up to 0.01 mm ensures compliance with the drawings and significantly optimizes the production of any, even the most high-tech products. If you have made the choice to use the services of laser cutting, you will save money on the production of dies, punches and dies, as well as other devices necessary for the independent production of parts and blanks.

Yes, the cost of services is more expensive when compared to other types of metal cutting, but QUALITY is much HIGHER!

Switches of loading of the VNA

Switches of loading of the VNA 10/630 20 UZ

ВНА 10/630

Load Switches are designed to enable and disable the load circuit sections alternating current three-phase power frequency of 50 Hz, rated voltage up to 10 kV, as well as the disconnected ground stations using the grounding.
Switches are designed (in conjunction with the drive) for use in closets complete switchgear (KRU), chambers national teams of unilateral service (CSR), cabinets of complete transformer substations (CTS) and other electrical devices for indoor installation at voltages of up to 10 kW three-phase alternating current frequency of 50 Hz for systems with grounded and insulated neutral.
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Disconnectors Outdoor RLND series 10/400 (630) U1

Disconnectors Outdoor RLND series 10/400 (630) U1


Disconnecting RLND (s) 10/400 (630) U1 are:

– To create a visible break the electrical circuit to ensure safe maintenance of electrical equipment;

– To enable or disable energized de-energized parts of the high voltage circuit;

– Grounding of disconnected sites by using fixed earthing;

– For opening and closing load current transformers.

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Repair kit VNA-10 / 630-20U3

Repair kit VNA-10 / 630-20U3
Ремкомплект ВНА
load switch differs from the isolator mainly by the presence of the arc system.
The plastic housing of the arc chute liners inserted plexiglass. Knife (steel soldering alloy brand VK6 GOST 3882-74 or equivalent) is included in the insert slot and at the base of the arc chamber rapidly introduced into the fixed contacts. If you turn off the knife between the contacts and an arc under the influence of a large amount of gas released from the liner surface. Pressure in the chamber greatly increases, increasing the thermal conductivity of the gas, the arc is cooled and extinguished.

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